Los proyectos interdisciplinarios ARTE+IDIOMAS+C.SOCIALES mejoran el aprendizaje

Art & English

Collaborative project between an Art and English class as they apply the work of George Segal to their school atmosphere.

Art & English unit overview PDF 
Overview of Art and English II collaboration unit with weekly breakdown of activities.

Art & English collaboration worksheet PDF 
Group organizer and worksheet to use while developing short play and sculpture.

Art & English brainstorm prompts PDF 
Brainstorming sheet for a collaborative project based on the work of George Segal.

Art & English reflection worksheet PDF 
Project reflection sheets given to students at various stages of the George Segal project to provide reflective opportunities.

Art & English project website 

Art & Politics

Collaborative project between an Art and Government class. Art students create a three-dimensional structure that portrays their viewpoint about a government policy.

Art & Politics project description for art class PDF 

Art & Politics project description for politics class PDF 

Art & Politics brainstorming worksheet PDF 

Art & Politics planning worksheet PDF 

Public policy descriptions PDF 

Congressional committee descriptions PDF 

Art & Politics project wiki


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